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Lost Pines Bible Church is thankful for the grace provisions that make it possible for bible doctrine to go forth to believers throughout the country (and even the world) through the audio files and documents which are available for download from this website. We hope this serves as a wonderful supplement to your worship through the study of God's Word, but we encourage every believer to seek a local church. There is no substitute for face-to-face teaching.

The following links are provided to allow believers to subscribe to audio podcasts of the teaching at Lost Pines Bible Church. If you are unfamiliar with podcasting, click here to learn more. Links are provided for iTunes as well as standard RSS feed readers. Here are some general instructions for subscribing to these podcasts:

  1. If you are using iTunes, simply click on the appropriate iTunes link below to setup your podcast.
  2. If you using an RSS reader other than iTunes, right-click the appropriate RSS link below, copy the link location and paste it into the "Add New Feed" dialog or equivalent location in your reader.

If you do not already have an RSS reader you can download and install a free cross-platform podcast receiver from sourceforge.net by clicking this button:





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