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Welcome to the Lost Pines Bible Church website

If you are in the Lost Pines area of Central Texas, we would like to invite you to come by Lost Pines Bible Church and visit us in person. Click here for a map to the church.

We encourage every believer to attend a local church. For more information about finding a local church, please click here. For information on the qualities of a good local church, please click here.

Since you are already here on the website, please spend some time browsing. There is a lot of information available including MP3 audio files of Bible classes as well as supporting documents. There is never any charge for these materials. Lost Pines Bible Church makes these available on a grace basis knowing that God the Father will supply all the needs of our church.

What We Do

  • Teach the Word of God. Our pastor is diligent to study the Scriptures in order to ascertain the truth revealed in God’s Word. He teaches the Bible line upon line, precept upon precept as the Scriptures have instructed us to do (Isaiah 28:10).
  • Invite you to join our assembly in which we endeavor to please God the Father and glorify His Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
  • Attempt to balance the teaching of God’s Word with social activities which are intended to bring the body of believers in Christ at Lost Pines Bible Church closer together.
  • Share your burdens and offer encouragement by praying with and for you.
  • Provide instruction through the teaching of God’s Word that can be called upon in the every day situations that every believer faces. This application of Bible doctrine is an important element in the learning process that God the Father has designed for us to help us grow closer to His beloved Son, Jesus Christ.
  • Provide instruction and activities for children such that they can come to know the truth of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ and can continue to grow in Christ after they have accepted Him as their personal savior.

What We Don’t Do

  • Make you feel uncomfortable. We want you to feel welcome here at Lost Pines Bible Church, but we will never embarass you by asking you to stand up, shake hands, etc. We respect your privacy and will be as friendly with you as you are with us.
  • Bother you with intrusive phone calls, mailings or visits.
  • Ask you for money or pass a plate. We look by faith to God the Father alone to supply all the needs of our church. We have a “grace box” in the church so believers can make financial offerings when motivated by the Holy Spirit to do so.